true live story!!.

My Name anonymous, I'm 28 years old and just got married last year. Before I got married, I had tried looking for job until I secure a job. But after a while my boss threatened to sack me if I didn't accept his proposal of having sexual intercourse with me. Firstly I refused but later accepted when I think back to how stressful it was for me to secure the job. I thought he was going to stop after the first one, but not, we continue having sex again and again.

After I got married, I thought he would respect me as married woman to stop the act, but still continue almost everyday. Now I'm 2 months old pregnant for my husband thinking he would stop, but otherwise told me that he loves having sex with pregnant woman, that he enjoy it most. And I don't want to resign because my husband just lost his own job. How are we going to cope?


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