The day I remenber

I can remember when I lost #10000 naira the only money put in a envelope to give my elder brothers when in there school years I was almost mad of myself and my job as well .                                      The truth is that am working as a security well don’t feel sorry for it, It has past you too can always have story to tell but today I will tell this story, a day I will not forget I have to combined my savvies of two month salary or six month I can’t remember that but what I do remember my salary or my take home for the month is just #5000 naira.                                                                                                        I think ,what will I do now my elder brothers needed this money for there school, if i should told my dad that gave me this money he will still told me to provide the money, ho i brain storm my brain for it , I have to provide the money by all means, but is all i have, it pain me a lot,on the other hand my elders brothers are happy with my decision.                                                                                                  I.  look for the money by then what really happen is that I close from work I feel every tire  from night shift it was when I enter the bus said Joseph I sat down i found myself slept of it was when I wanted to get down I feel my pocket was empty ho I shaw ted what is going on my money,how come is mixing it will be around  2003 to 2004 I believed quote Joseph to tell you the truth I wept poor me and small earning what will I do ,and how will day understand the situation right now .                                                   At time like this I needed a support from someone but I can’t fine any.


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